THE HEATER
        VACUUM USE


     Company take the customer as the center, customer first, quality first, service management into before-sale, middle-sale and after-sale three stages.
S pre-sale service:
Company, after receiving the customer information to customers by technical personnel to provide information analysis, Previous experience and technical personnel with customer requirements to provide a/scheme for the customer to choose, and for each scheme provides detailed technical parameters and the configuration and issue drawings, Customers can choose according to the specific situation of environmental protection, energy-saving products or select the suitable products.
Companies provide door-to-door service, customers can choose by our technical staff sent door-to-door service. The customer can equipment production, technology and personnel ratio, energy conservation and emission reduction etc with our technical staff, to decide to buy this equipment, length, diameter, feeding areas (the auto/hand-switch), the highest number of body heat, temperature and use with cooling device, overtemperature protection, temperature recorders, etc
S medium-sales service:
Equipment production process strictly in accordance with the technical agreement on the premise of equipment performance, optimize and upgrade, using our new patent design, water conservation and power saving, the throttle fully, reduce production cost of users. Optimize operation interface aspects, interface humanized, more intuitive, facilitate timely find problems and quick mastery operation method, shorten the company spent in staff training.
Besides the normal operation, the user can choose the equipment in our new products, and try our technical staff in the assistance, formulate product process.

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