THE HEATER
        VACUUM USE
     The play staff through the enthusiasm and creativity and improve the technical staff, management, management level, and constantly improve the company's business, management system, implement various forms of responsibility.
Advocate staff assiduous study science and technology and cultural knowledge, the company will provide further study, the conditions and opportunities, to improve the quality and level of employees.
     Monday, five held plenary meeting, employees can corporate affairs and development, making Suggestions on company rewarded, commending contributor.
Companies to guarantee the quality of products, production process monitoring, Responsible for specific responsibility, liability to individuals.
     Equipment production process, to strengthen the performance testing equipment parts, forbid to detect unqualified products applied to equipment.
     Equipment production materials, such as cotton, silk, insulation oven ceramic fiber products and using imported raw materials and ensure product quality.
The company product testing equipment factory, before the comprehensive performance testing standards shall be manufactured products, behind.
     Health management, implement real-time timely cleaning system, namely, that any garbage immediately appeared at the management policy of cleaning, In daily work and company before and after work arrangements for company production sites and equipment of clean. The factory workers, and replace anti-static overalls for employees with washing machine, require employees to clean clothes regularly.
     Production, equipment whole adopts MIG/MAG gas welding technology, its performance is better than CO2 protection welding, equipment whole welding surface smooth, bright, no welding slag, Time is shortened, and can ensure production equipment, the overall appearance.
     Besides company with many schools on cooperation, technology talents by universities and colleges students regularly send my internship.

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