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Leds alloy furnace

Leds special alloy furnace mainly LED chip manufacturing industry, meet on the wafer and fragments on alloys, annealing, diffusion, oxidation process etc.

Main performance indexes:
Appearance: horizontal 1-4 tube structure, the level of furnace tube
Working temperature: 200 ℃ - 1100 ℃
Length: 600mm experiment.it temperature
Specification: applicable to silicon wafer and 2-6 inches
Temperature accuracy ± 1 ℃ (or: 400-1000 ℃range)
Single point temperature stability, repeatability: acuities ± 1 ℃/ 24h (400-1000 ℃ range)
Temperature overshoot balance: load materials into furnace, temperature balance to the process of time, below 10 minutes.
Process gas and control: nitrogen, oxygen. MFC or float flow control
Pneumatic air tightness: 1 x 10-7PaM3 / s
Feeding mechanism: cantilever quartz rod load, manual
Alarm system: process gas abnormal pressure alarm, without warning, the alarm limit, overheat
Control mode: ZongCheng control, touch screen control industrial computer

Equipment features:
Rapid thermal restorative
Design is preheating zone
With programmable litres, cooling function
Using filter, shielding panels etc, effectively solve the grid, magnetic interference
Automatic operation can pause/continued operation function
Intelligent temperature control functions. The slope rises
PlD parameter self-setting function, can be stored for multiple PlD parameter system call functions
The system fault detection and alarm functions, system error correction (single point correction function) or more dynamic
Has the power to run after the breakpoint

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