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Solar battery diffusion furnace

Product introduction:

Solar cell proliferation furnace mainly to meet production 125mm photovoltaic battery 125mm x x 156mm 156mm, monocrystalline silicon polysilicon, diffusion process. Currently second closed tube diffusion and third generation. A soft landing diffusion

Technical indicators:
Can 125mm x 125mm silicon size: 156mmx156mm
Appearance: horizontal 1-4 tube structure
Shipment: 400 / tube
Diffusion modes: fully closed tube diffusion, a soft landing
Working temperature: 200 ° c - 1300 degrees Celsius
Temperature length and precision than: 200mm-1100mm /±1 ℃
Single point temperature stability, repeatability: acuities ± 1℃ / 24h
Temperature control: 5 for temperature control
Total power: 120KwA
Send equipment: cantilever push-pull boat OARS maximum load, silicon carbide 17kg
Pneumatic system: 1-5 road process gas/tube
Gas control: import MFC
Control mode: work-managing machine, touch screen
Processing cycle: 60 days
Thinnerwafers: 180Um
The rate: 0.8%
FangZu evenness scope: within ± 3% and slice of ± 3%, between batch of ± 5%

Net-belt type fast sintering furnace

Product introduction:

Net-belt type fast sintering furnace, dedicated to solar cell production line of sintering, drying in one of the furnace. Using the infrared technology and high quality material, improve equipment furnace thermal efficiency, Adopted advanced technology, ensure the temperature control of temperature control precision.

Technical indicators:
Net belt width: 200-400mm
Mesh belt, stainless steel cr20Ni80 material high-temperature net belt, 80Kg/m2 capacity than long-term operation, no, not offset
Speed control: imported inverter stepless speed 1000-6000mm/min
Infrared heating element: heating tube heating
Insulation: high fibre products
Control mode: PlD control, control, work-managing machine parameter self-setting
Control temperature area: 5-11 temperature area
Police protection: overtemperature, stop, stop, high pressure gas sound-light alarm etc
Control accuracy ± 2℃,
Controlled atmosphere: 20path
Exports: more than 65 degrees Celsius temperature of workpiece
Requirements: purify water descaling, more than 15 ℃ inlet water temperature
Ultrasonic cleaning, wind blown dry nets take knife.

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