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Industry: semiconductor process equipment
Content: the product application: products for 2-6 inches of polysilicon, nitride, silicon oxide growth process and its doping PSG as BPSG or etc

Product features:
A host to level 3 pipe furnace system architecture, independently of the same or different processes
A computer control system of industrial furnace, a boat, gas flow, the action such as for automatic control
A cantilever sent slices, using of convenient operation, no friction pollution. Etc
A key components are imported, to ensure that equipment and high reliability
A process piping adopts import valve fittings components - good air-tightness, corrosion resistance, non-polluting (piping adopts EP level polishing tube), the flow control adopts imported mass flowmeters (MFC)
A closed-loop control, automatic working pressure and improve process stability and reliability
A high precision temperature control, temperature control temperature stability is good
Should have power, the alarm limit, the security protection function
A high quality heating furnace temperature, ensuring stability and spatial long-life

Its main technical indices
A working temperature: 300 ~ 1000 ° c
Aiming to silicon size: 2 ~ 6 inches
A pack number: 30 ~ 100 / tube
A process pipe number: 1 ~ 3 tube (optional),
A temperature length: 760mm ± 1 ° c (hot wall temperature gradient) can be formed,
A limiting vacuum: 8.0 (10-1 Pa (10-6.0 3Torr)
A work 1000Pa: 10 ~ vacuum is adjustable
A deposition film uniformity: piece of ± 5% or within
A control system, the control system adopts industrial control computer (WINDOWS system interface, easy to operate and concise)
A gas system: automatic import valve fittings, rail welding
A typical process (reference) :
1 the azotized silicon deposition: provide the typical process of concrete road (according to user requirements),
Reference: three types of technology 4SiH4 - Si3N4 + + of NH3 12H2...
2: providing the typical polysilicon deposition process gas path (according to the user's specific requirements),
Reference types: SiH4 process and Si + 2H2...
3 silica deposition: provide the typical process of concrete road (according to user requirements),
Reference types: OC2H5 Si (technology) 4C2H4 + + 4 - SiO2 2H2O (DCS/N2O etc.)...
PSG: TEOS O2 system, + p - methyl 3 phosphoric acid (or partially),
In BPSG: add B2H6 (boron PSG silane) or boric acid methyl 3
, thin film deposition process (corresponding doping - are for reference only. According to the customer's specific conditions for the corresponding adjustment).

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