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Semiconductor process equipment

Content: the product application: products applied to integrated circuits, discrete, optoelectronic devices and power electronic devices, solar and other fields, for 2 ~ 8 inches technology dimensions

Product features:
A host for level one to four pipe furnace system architecture, independently of the same or different processes
A computer control system of industrial furnace, a boat, gas flow, the action such as for automatic control
A: by cantilever sent slices of convenient operation, no friction pollution. Etc
A key components are imported, to ensure that equipment and high reliability
A process piping adopts import valve fittings components - good air-tightness, corrosion resistance, non-polluting (piping adopts EP level polishing line), the flow control using mass flowmeters (MFC) imports
A high precision temperature control, temperature control temperature stability,
Should have power, the alarm limit, the security protection function
A high quality heating furnace temperature, ensuring stability and spatial long-life

Its main technical indices
1, process description
1.1 oxidation process, dry, wet oxygen oxygen (deionized water, hydrogen synthesis internal/external ignition) -
1.2 diffusion: boron, phosphorus enlargement (liquid source, solid source, etc.)
130 alloy, annealing process etc

2 and system components: the host (SiC heating, quartz tube and power components/etc), automatic send (SiC) cantilever - workbench, gas and air purification system (air), computer control system, etc

3, control ways: manually send/automatic sent slices

4 and configuration (optional) :
4.1 meters/control computer control
4.2 technology (level structure) : 1-4
4.3 process specification: 2 ~ 6 inches wafer or 125mm x 125mm, 156mm x 156mm solar -products (cavities process for quartz or sic)
4.4 Temperature length: 450mm/ 800mm / 600mm / 1100mm
4.5 wafer loading: cantilever, corundum, silicon carbide rod/OARS
4.6 workbench: a cleansing/no purification
4.7 process gas path: corresponding process gas path, gas-way valve components adopt international quality brand products (such as SWAGELOK, SANDVIK CARDINAL, took, etc.), international quality (such as ordinary MFC MKS UNIT, STEC, etc.) or domestic high-quality

5 and main technical parameters:
5.1 working temperature: 200 ~ 13 degrees Celsius
Three points: heating body 5.2/5
5.3 Body temperature:450mm/600mm / 800mm /1100mm
5.4 temperature precision:≥ 800℃,±0.5℃, < 800℃, ± 1℃
5.5 single point temperature stability: 6 ~ 1300℃/ 24h ± 0.5℃
Maximum temperature controlled 15℃/min
Maximum cooling speed: 5℃/min (900-1300 ℃),
Power supply: the three-phase four-wire 5.8, 380VAC/frequency 50HZ

6 and structure size:
M: the level structure of diffusion
Vertical diffusion furnace
6.2 size (reference) in structure,

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