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Bof slag splashing with technology

The slag splashing is an effective means of improving the furnace life, it is through the high nitrogen gas jet impacts the remaining after the steel slag furnace slag (that is the slag by adjusting the) within the shortest possible time evenly spray coated in the furnace, converter, and has certain surface thickness and density of spattering slag layer, the slag splashing layer prevented the exhaust gas of blast furnace slag, bof lining etching, thus plays a vital role. Process steps are as follows:

(1) usually converter ladle steel, steel, shall all be a net to stay inside the furnace slag splashing disadvantage,

(2) of the steel, furnace slag before operation personnel observation and decide whether to need to add thick, and add quantity slag,

(3) immediately after a wave of steel and iron, in order to make the steel and confirmed with slag furnace side, also can directly under the gun, bof blowing nitrogen spray,

With nitrogen (4) of the most original guns used by steelmaking oxygen blowing gun, also can design for large bof blowing nitrogen gun, specialized and a handful of steel use the same: a gun for oxygen, nitrogen used to blow a steel slag splashing,

(5) with nitrogen pressure and flow and used oxygen steel smelting process used the pressure and flow of approximate or lower, generally with nitrogen pressure oxygen pressure lower than 15-20%, Compared with oxygen, nitrogen flow can be low 10-15%,

(6) with nitrogen operation parameters reference for highly 0.8-2.0: gun (m), liquid steel surface theory with nitrogen time 4min 3 ~ n ton, strength (standard) m3 / min 1.2-2.0,

(7) with nitrogen slag splashing after operation, stop blowing nitrogen and gun, will all debris into the furnace slag pot, and observe the slag splashing effect, check whether there are weak parts need special attention or patching,

(8) in slag MgO content slag FeO content in according to the control in 8 ~ 14, if at high levels, slag FeO MgO content of some high control, such as 12 ~ 14,

(9) some steel has been achieved using the computer control technology, such as slag splashing in alberta, Canada, and amraphel horse steel company before the slag splashing in the computer screen from four different operation scheme of the alternation, then press the start button, then begin the slag splashing slag splashing operation, slag splashing with nitrogen gas flow when the height of gun by computer automatic control.

The slag splashing technology in our country and the application process, got what experience?

Large, medium, small, establishment of various type furnace slag splashing process. Through years of practice, China has mastered is suitable for large-scale converter (100 ~ 300t level), medium converters (50 ~ 90t) and small converter (no more than 30t) of slag splashing with technology, the vital than scheduled index completely, and target of economic benefits.

(2) the slag splashing technology to the diversified development. Not only for the average of molten iron and steel with half of phosphorus smelting, found out a set of effective slag splashing in the production process, the application practice of good effect.

(3) the combined-blowing bof slag splashing technology. China began to introduce and develop from the slag splashing when they pay enough attention to the process conditions, the combined-blowing slag splashing technology research work. Angang 180 tons of converter, wisco 50 tons of bof slag splashing on using the combined-blowing process, shorten the time of slag splashing and significantly prolongs the service life of the bottom blowing components.

(4) eventually slag adjustment technology. To ensure the process of high-temperature steel, miniature converter, the effect of slag splashing in the exploration and development of slag adjustment technology end. According to the requirement of slag splashing process and the actual situation of converter, different types of slag, slag to adjust in content, improving slag in MgO end viscosity and reduced slag overheat has accumulated rich experience.

(5) low content of the iron furnace slag splashing technology. Some of the low end slag ferric oxide content, also made a converter steel slag splashing with good results.

(6) of slag splashing with technology and flame spray technology, repairing technology for combination. To control the whole furnace service, maintain good furnace lining longevity.

(7) using the slag splashing and furnace bottom control technology, combining the furnace bottom blowing air components, achieve 100% game entilation the combined-blowing

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