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Under the bof slag detection technology

Converter steelmaking with fast, production cycle is short, the production, the heating.it advantage in the steelmaking production to 85%. In recent years, the steel enterprises to promote the products, improve the quality and reduce cost of smelting steel the demand is higher and higher, effectively reduce the bof slag as under the problem to be solved.

Converter steelmaking process, is also a process of oxidation process of slag, tons of oxidizing slag produced about 100 kg - 150 kg. The process of steel, high oxidizing slag ladle, will bring into many hazards caused by: steel back, increasing phosphorus inclusions, affect the development of high value-added high-quality steel, Increase refining process, reduce burden of synthesis refining efficiency, make dosage of slag; Add deoxidizer and alloy dosage, Steel ladle shorten life, and materials to increase viscous slag ladle.

In order to reduce converter of slag and metallurgy, steel slag in under test and slag aspects of research and practice, developed dozens of detecting technology and slag next residue electromagnetic detection technique, such as slag, infrared imaging detection under the slag, and under the slag ball, slag, pneumatic slag, electromagnetic slag etc.

Use effect reveals distinct advantage

Infrared imaging technology is blocking slag furnace are using infrared imaging examination, and combining with the gate system by using the converter (wedge with rapid titled holding technology, general or adopt pneumatic slag, slag bodyguard slag), the maximum reduction of slag. Its principle is to use with steel slag in the infrared radiation of the different frequency range, through the camera and real-time monitoring device that assessment process, when the steel slag, under the detected alarms, and immediately start on steel boards (or fast wave stove). This technology can be continuous real-time monitoring of the steel, steel slag, accurately distinguish, fast response time, can achieve. This technology in our country in various types of converter are successful application, such as baosteel group a steelmaking converter, sanming 300 tons of iron and steel group, 100 tons of converter and 40 ton converter, anshan iron and steel group, 150 tons and 180 tons of converter, xingtai iron &steel company 50 tons of converter, from the use situation, the operation is convenient, the effect is obvious, is under the control of bof slag ideal method.

IRIS infrared imaging slag detection system. This system includes ir camera device, the display screen and evaluation system, equipment and disc console, etc. Camera device generally according to the actual situation in steel flow installation position of 10 meters, because the heat with water-cooled shell so near, In addition, also has a lens to prevent dust removal equipment, ensure quality image. Evaluate equipment for industrial computer image processing, installation and operation model is used to evaluate and storage cameras transmission of images, can also according to receive the image data are calculated continuously, assessment, and according to the conditions set out to the gate system instructions. Using a computer screen monitor operators steel, still can touch screen set by changing conditions. In addition, this system also include a display system, can be in the form of console manual and automatic control switch between. The test system for the reaction speed, accurate, average than electromagnetic method, and can quickly 0.5 seconds by tapping the life cycle of steel, steel grasp state changes in fault, wedge forecast slag ladle, when can detect remaining time, improve steel slag termination down the volume. The production practice showed that using fast wave converter and pneumatic slag use good effect of sluice gate (less than 0.8 seconds off time, and pneumatic slag closing time about 1.5 seconds). Using infrared imaging detection system, steel ratio and deoxidants to phosphorus consumption reduction in different degree, ladle prolonging 4% ~ 6 in steel slag, with no more than 5 kg/ton bag, slag layer thickness not more than 50 mm, slag 96% above, alloy success rate can improve the 3% ~ 4%.

AMEPA infrared camera slag detection system. This system includes infrared imaging equipment, computer, monitor and control peripherals. To ensure the normal work, infrared cameras equipped with vortex cooling system, real-time monitoring of steel flow, and cable transfer data and control equipment. General layout of PLC control equipment in the room, but through controlling the red plate or arrangement in the field displays are titled holding converter, the steel process, control system, automatic tracking and steel, steel will compensate for the data transfer model calculation, the proportion of slag melt of slag (index), if the slag index value (according to the above parameters to adjust), the system will alarm and close tapping hole.

Bao steel a three 300 tons are installed on the converter AMEPA infrared imaging detection system, under the test furnace slag ladle 99.3%, return rate of phosphorus, decrease 19% average response time for 2.3 system, the average slag second big 86.89 millimeters thickness from 68.50 reduced to reduce the usage of deoxidizer millimeter, 19%.

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